Creating Releases
How do I get started submitting a press release?
1. Choose the press release package that’s right for you
2. Enter your press release details
3. Make your payment
4. Add multimedia (images or video)
5. Wait for editorial review and approval for distribution

What type of releases are not accepted by GNÓ PR?
GNO Inc. does not accept releases related to the following:
• Publicly traded companies
• Legal cases without case number/docket
• Casino, online gambling or sports betting
• E-cigarettes/tobacco
• Sexual enhancement products or supplements
• Sex toys, pornographic or sexually explicit materials
• Online pharmacies
• Easy money or get-rich-quick schemes
• Intent to harm/defamatory comments
• Reprints/copyrighted news stories
• Non-English language releases
• We reserve the right to refuse to publish any release

For a comprehensive list, refer to our Editorial and Submission Guidelines.

Can I add a Trademark symbol or other special characters to my press release?
Unfortunately not. We do not accept special symbols in your press release (trademark symbols, foreign characters, degree or bullets) as our newswire is a text-only environment. This ensures our newswire’s partner websites can re-publish your press releases without any formatting issues. If you want to include a trademark symbol or any other special characters, use the text version – eg. ( TM ) or ( tm ).

How do I attach files, images or video to my press release?
The system will give you the opportunity to upload any attachments (documents, images, video) once you have completed payment.

Distributing Releases

How soon after I’ve submitted my press release will it go out?
Our Visibility Boost distribution plan requires a two-day turnaround for editorial review and approval.

I want my release to go out immediately. Is that something you offer?
Unfortunately, we do not offer immediate distribution. This is for your own benefit as releases distributed first thing in the morning perform better. Releases are all distributed at 3am EST every day of the week.

I want to time my release for distribution; is this possible?
In our system all releases go out at 3am EST – we do not have the opportunity to time distribution.

Can I target my release to a specific geographical area?
When you select the dateline location when submitting your release, it categorizes your news into that geographic area, making it easier for journalists, bloggers, and consumers to find your story in those target areas.

Can I make changes to my story before it is distributed?
Yes, if your story has not been released, you have up to 9:00pm PST the day before release to make changes. This allows us enough time to review and re-approve your story for distribution.

What happens if I edit my press release on the day it is distributed?
We cannot update your story for our news distribution partners. If you need to make an important change, please do so before the release day and by our cut-off time of 9:00pm PST the night before.

Does my video or attachments get distributed?
Our distribution is a text-only environment. For those reasons, we suggest you include links in your press release to your videos or images from your website.

Writing Releases

Do you offer any tips on how to write an effective press release?
Yes, you can read our article found in our knowledge base, on how to write an effective press release.

Do you offer writing services?
We do offer in-house writing services. Click here for information.

My release is written in Spanish/French-Canadian/another language. Do you accept foreign language releases?
We, unfortunately, cannot distribute a release in any language other than English as our news partners only accept English-language releases.

Links & Formatting

How do I add text links and formatting to my press release?
Adding text links and formatting is available for all our paid packages beginning at $49 USD. It is simple to create text links in our system for your press release’s keywords. First, however, remember that anything that is a straight URL (ie any web address beginning with www. or http://, or any email address written out in full with the @ sign) will automatically link, so there is no need to use this code for those.

To link keywords to a website or web page, however, simply copy the code below and replace “keyword” with the keywords you want to link, and “” with your specific website or page that you wish for the words to link to.

[url=]my keywords[/url]

To link to an email message that will be sent to a specific address, use this:
[]email us here[/email]

To make your text bold, italicized or underlined, use the code below:

[b]I want this text to be bold[/b]
[i]I want this text to be italicized[/i]
[u]I want this text to be underlined[/u]
It is as simple as that!

How many links can I have in my press release?
Although we do not restrict the number of links you can have, we recommend one link per 100 hundred words. We believe having excessive links interferes with the readability of your press release and gives the appearance of spam.

It is good to include your company’s URL in the closing details (“About Us” section) of your press release. You can include URLs or anchor text links (keywords that link to web pages) elsewhere in your release also, but this is the first section that readers look to for further website information.
Not all of our news partners will make anchor text links live, so it may be worthwhile including at least one URL in that instance. We believe the best practice for Google’s guidelines is to include just URLs and omit anchor text links, but we leave it up to you.

Do you use no-follow links?
Yes. Google updated their webmaster guidelines policies putting forth their position on “no-follow” links. No-follow links are preferred by Google as they lead to more authentic search engine results, rather than results skewed due to link spamming or keyword loading.

As we hold search engine compliance in high regard, GNO Inc. uses no-follow links. This policy will ensure your release is held in the highest esteem by Google and not flagged for spam. Please keep in mind that the benefits of a press release include the ability to deliver your story to credible news channels, journalists, bloggers and social media to gain natural exposure and further your story. Press releases also encourage greater readership and for consumers to take action, driving increased organic traffic to your website – not to build a network of inbound links.

Payments & Refunds

Where can I find a copy of the payment receipt?
Log into your Account Manager, select My Payments, and then under your headline select the “Payment Receipt” button.
I submitted my paid release and completed payment but it’s not showing in my Account Manager.
There’s a chance it may have got ‘stuck’ in the payment system. Give us a call (at 1.877.746.6462) or – if it’s after hours – send an email (to and let us know what your account email address is. If you did receive a receipt from the payment vendor please forward that to us as well. You can also always call the vendor directly to inquire about it.

What is your refund policy?
Refunds are up to the discretion of GNO Inc. If a refund is granted, a 20% processing fee is applied after which a credit will be issued to your original payment method. Once you are notified, please allow up to two days to process refund payment. No refunds will be provided for any press releases containing fraudulent and/or misleading information or content perceived to be defamatory or with the intent to harm. Refunds may be requested by using our ‘Contact Us’ form.



Where can I find examples of my release posted online?
Each time we distribute a news release, you will automatically receive a report via email. This report is a sampling of the online placement of your news release and includes locations to the full-text posting of your news release on sites. When you sign up for our Mass Media Visibility plan, you will receive a second distribution report from PR Newswire.

How many distribution reports do you provide?
For our paid distribution package, we provide one distribution report on the day your story is published. If you choose the Mass Media Visibility plan, you will receive a second additional report the same day from PR Newswire. No further distribution reports are provided on future dates.
When I try to search for my release on a site you show in my report; I can’t find it. Why is that?
There are three common reasons for this:

  1. For media websites, the star of the show is their own original content.
    Media outlets are in the business of producing original content. And this content is what they want readers to find when they’re searching for news. This means, for example, if you search for something on InformationWeek’s website, the results you get are for stories that have been written by staff at InformationWeek and their sister publications. Even though our content is posted on the site, you typically will not find it by searching on the site, because, understandably, the site primarily wants to promote its own content. This is not the only reason the Press Release release is not searchable.
  2. Volume of Content vs. Server Load & Resources
    GNÓ combined with PR Newswire distribute on average between 900 and 1,300 news releases each day. This is an enormous amount of content and far more content that most websites produce on their own. Because it is such a large volume of data, many websites do not have the resources required to maintain the database necessary to index and archive our content.
  3. Most websites that post our content post only a certain number of headlines at any given time. Info scrolls off quickly.
    There is currently no service out there that integrates 3rd party content into in-house search. Press releases are 3rd party content and will always be treated as such.

If I can’t find my release on a site, how do I know it’s posted there?
The sites included in the Watch Report do post Press Release copy. Sometimes, the content is placed directly on the publisher sites. Other times, our downstream partner will host the content for these publishers. Even if you can’t find Press Release content via site search, you can find it via site navigation.

You can also sometimes find your content on third-party sites using Google Advanced Search. This may not work with every site, but it’s a good tool.

If you use the site’s search bar to try to find the release, you won’t find it. But with the help of Google’s Advanced Search, you can see the release is in fact posted on the site, and that Google knows it’s there.

If my release isn’t easily found using the search function within a website, what’s the value in having it there at all?
Answer: Online Visibility!

The most valuable benefit of your news posting on many websites – even if it’s not always easily searchable or accessible on each site – is the Search Visibility that these postings provide. It allows search engines to see and index your news. As any SEO expert tell you, this is what online marketing is all about – being found via organic, natural search.

Even if an individual website does not index or archive our content within their own system, the major search engines are busy indexing and archiving the pages of millions of websites. This means that the majority of websites that post our content are scanned, indexed and archived by search engines like Google, making the links available to be served up in search results.

And, finally, research shows that search engines are how most news consumers look for news. Even journalists looking for information about a given topic will often start with a search engine, not at a specific website. Thus while it’s not always easy to find our content on a specific website, the fact that it is there makes it very likely that it will be found by a search engine, and this is the key to the online visibility that GNO Inc. provides.